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" Let me help you find relief from pain and the fear of illness "
Treatment of Pain, Difficult Medical Conditions, and End of Life Issues

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine



417 Uluniu Street, Suite G


Kailua (Oahu)  96734
(808) 225-2754

Michael M. Zanoni, Ph.D., L.Ac.

(808) 225-2754

Our clinic is located in the Uluniu Square building.  This is a one story green colored office building.  The entry door is on the side of the building farthest from the street.  Easiest parking is in the public garage located on Aulike Street.  Drive past our building, make a right turn on the first street, which is Aulike, then turn right at the entry to the garage.  If you walk out the opposite side of the garage you are walking towards our office.  The garage does not have an elevator, so the lower level is inconvenient for someone on crutches or using a cane.  There are several handicapped spaces as you drive towards the parking garage.  We have coins for the meter if you forget.

I am very grateful to Marie Selarque for making this website.

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